kiddies kollege daycare

Kennedy Road Tabernacle Kiddies Kollege was created in 1971 as a non-profit organization to serve the Brampton community with day care and nursery school classes. We are located at 141 Kennedy Road North. Since that time, we have refined and expanded our programs in an effort to meet the changing needs of the surrounding areas.


Infant Care (0 - 17 months):

This busy program offers loving care for babies with a ratio of 1:3. Concerned and experienced staff quickly become involved in your child’s daily routines and work as a support system for the entire family. Through sensorial activities and a nurturing environment, your child will be encouraged to participate in all aspects of play.

Toddler Care (18 - 30 months):

This class of little ones has a teacher/child ratio of 1:5. Enrollment is available on a full or part time basis and includes a daily charting system, a toilet training routine and interesting curriculum ideas to provide stimulation.


Preschooler Classes (2 1/2 - 5 years):

Teacher/child ratios for these children are 1:8. Full day, half day and nursery school sessions are available. Creative learning circles, Bible stories, and indoor and outdoor play times all provide an exciting and busy day for each child.

Summer, p.a. days & subsidization

Summer Program for School Age Kids:

This annual program is eagerly anticipated by many children who remember the variety of excursions, water activities and different theme days. Attendance can be booked on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Registration forms are usually available several months before the end of the school year. Children in this program are Sr. K  + Grade 1 (Jr. Camp) and 7–9 years (Summer Camp).

P.A. Days / School Closures:

Registration forms are available for these programs.Specific schools are accommodated. 


Subsidized Child Care:

Subsidized child care is also available through the Region of Peel. Please ask for details.

staff qualifications

Our staff are a combination of qualified Registered Early Childhood Educators and teaching assistants. Each class has at least one RECE staff member. The staff in each class, working as a team, provide programming which is designed to guide your child in all developmental areas.

Periodically students from local colleges and secondary schools complete supervised work placements and training sessions with us.


As a Christian day care centre Kiddies Kollege is here to accommodate you and your family. We would like to consider your child as one of our own and ourselves as your extended family and support system.

It is our desire to care for your child in such a way that you are completely assured of his/her safety, well being and happiness. It will be our privilege to do so!

For more information, call (905) 459-2300.