Our Story

Kennedy Road Tabernacle is a place where people can come and be part of a community that loves God and desires to share that love with the world. We want to see people find new life, hope and healing in Jesus Christ. Our dynamic worship, relevant teaching, outreach and activities for the whole family make KRT an exciting place to be. Please join us as we celebrate on Sunday mornings at one of our two campuses – KRT Campus (141 Kennedy Rd. N, Brampton, ON) at 9am or 12pm OR BCS Campus (12480 Hutchinson Farm Lane, Caledon, ON) at 10:30am.

Come and check us out at KRT...where relationship is everything! Thank you for visiting our website. Please make sure to check the calendar and events to find out what is happening every week - there is something for everyone! KRT is affiliated with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (PAOC).

god is in charge

I see a church where God is in charge! God’s plan is for us to love Him implicitly and trust Him wholeheartedly! God desires a healthy, growing, active relationship with us. He hears and answers prayer in His wisdom and power. KRT will be characterized by a reliance on prayer in the conception, planning and execution of all ministry.

Grace grows freely

I see a church where Grace flows freely! None of us can earn God’s acceptance; He accepts us now and forever through faith in Jesus Christ. 2 Corinthians 12:9...My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness. We will not focus on guilt to motivate people, but encourage them to live good lives from a motivation of love and thankfulness toward God. Our priority is to minister Christ’s love and acceptance.


I see a church where Growth means life! Great churches have great stories! It is possible and necessary to communicate Christ to the contemporary culture without compromise. In today’s rapidly changing world, forms and methods must be continually evaluated, and if necessary, altered to fit new conditions. While proven techniques will not be discarded at a whim, we encourage creativity and innovation, flexibility and adaptability. We are committed to effectiveness in ministry.

Gifts are for giving

I see a church that believes that Gifts are for giving! Every Christian possesses natural talents and spiritual gifts. Submitting these to God for His use will result in a greater sense of personal significance and purpose in life. People will be challenged to serve, and released in ministry. God deserves the best we have to offer.


Our most important relationship is with Jesus. From that vantage point, loving relationships will permeate every aspect of church life. Building relationships and connecting with friends, old and new, helps us develop a network of care, acceptance, accountability, and belonging.