Here is a list of this year's nominees for our Board of Directors at KRT. Current board members up for re-election: Franklin Escoe, John Krohnert, Anil Latchman, Sharon Faber, and Annette Ryan. New nominees include: Carole Walker, Dudley Williams, Luis Lopera, Norman Haboc, Elisabeth Tan. 

  • franklin escoe

    I came to know Christ as my personal Savior in 1990. For several years prior to that I had attended a vibrant and growing Pentecostal church with my family. During that time, I was “convinced” of the fact that the gospel is true and the only way to salvation is repentance and faith in Christ. However, while convinced, I was not converted. I did not know Christ personally and struggled to surrender to Him during my teenage years. 

    I surrendered my life to Christ during a prayer meeting at my house. My mother had invited some people to pray and I quietly asked Jesus to forgive me of my sins and become my Savior and Lord. All the preaching that I heard for many years and the example of righteous Christians, full of grace was not in vain. The Lord used the preacher at the Pentecostal church and the testimony of my family and friends to draw me to Him. A few weeks later I was baptized in water and in the Holy Spirit.

    I am praying for and looking forward to the journey that we are embarking under the leadership of our Pastor in the areas of membership, mentorship, ministry and mission. As we get involved and grow together in these pillars, there will be much fruit in our lives and church family, to God’s glory. I feel that God has given me leadership, administration and a heart for ministry, particularly missions. It’s a blessing and privilege to serve the Lord and KRT.

    I have been married to Paulette for 11 years and have 2 sons.

  • john krohnert

    I came to know Jesus as my personal savior roughly 41 years ago at Cobourg camp during one of the chapel meetings in 1975. 


    My testimony is one of a man who has seen God’s faithfulness during every season in life. Throughout every struggle, challenge and victory God has shown me His sovereignty over all things and the Lord has given me peace in all situations. Even when I felt the calling into self-employment the Lord lead me with a sign of peaceful rest that stays with me to this very day. 

    My vision for KRT is that we would have the faith to complete the original and founding vision for this church body. I believe KRT must look at planting a church at the BCS school grounds.

    KRT is an outreach and beacon to our local community. Our reach and influence should be increasingly more effective, penetrating and life changing for Brampton. The health clinics held this year are one great step in this direction. The world needs to see a first century church again full Christians walking in power and authority in Christ. Brampton needs to see and experience a body of believers walking the way the church did in Acts and the Gospels where healing, provision, forgiveness, generosity, etc. are just a part of everyday life.

    I am comfortable in a board setting where Christ is the center, and business needs to get done. However, I think that my greatest attribute that I bring to the board table is my faith in our Lord Jesus Christ to move mountains, protect his children and honor those who honor Him. 

    I have been married to Kelly for 22 years and have a son and daughter.

  • anil latchman

    I gave my heart to the Lord when I was 11yrs in 1980. I attended Sunday School and through this Ministry, I accepted the Lord into my Life. Since then, I have committed my ways to Jesus. My vision for the church is to have the congregation more involved in the day to day Ministries of the Church.

    I have been married to Monica for 23 years and have a son and daughter.

  • sharon faber

    At only 4 ½ years old, in my bedroom during a nap time, I asked Jesus to come into my heart and make it clean. Immediately an inner joy filled me, I experienced a change within, and have been a follower of Jesus Christ ever since.

    God has a magnificent plan for us and I believe we are on the cusp of something wonderful. My vision for KRT is to move steadily towards the fullness of His plan. 

    Working in the office of KRT from 1996 to 2008 allowed me to experience ministry from the inside looking out

    I am blessed being married to Ken for 30 years and we have 2 sons.

  • annette rya

    I am truly grateful for the long generational history of growing up in an environment whereby my family loved and served the Lord. I accepted the Lord as my personal Saviour when I was 9 years old in a Mother’s Day service. I remember it as if it were yesterday with the freshness of a supernatural love and having a hunger for more that I never wanted to end. I have never looked back and the Lord has been my guiding light since that time.

    Holy Spirit has awakened in my personal spirit that there is a “Prophetic Anointing” on KRT that will not only impact our community but the entire nation of Canada. We are currently working on those foundational issues that have distracted us from a fully transparent collaborative approach. As such, we will be establishing strategies for each of our ministries and aligning them with our “Mission Statement”. 

    We have already started this process in such areas as the Heritage. The recent speaking in tongues and subsequent translations whereby the Lord clearly validated Pastor Norcross as His Choice for this interim period, ”For such a time as this,” was an important foundational step. It is now incumbent upon us as a Board and a Congregation to support clearly identified strategies that will lead to changing a Nation.

    I completely understand the role and requirements of a Board member including the various ministerial responsibilities. As a Spirit filled servant, I am passionate about the Lord’s service and how He can use any one of us for His glory if we are only “obedient”.

    I am married, have 3 daughters and 5 grandchildren.


    As a child of parents who were very active in church ministry, I accepted the Lord Jesus as my personal Saviour at the early age of 7. I experienced the indwelling of the Holy Spirit in 1977 during a summer church Crusade, and was water baptized in December the same year.

    My vision for KRT is for its members and regular visitors to see themselves as the “extended hand of God”, with a passion to reach out and love our community with the heart of Christ.

    I believe my past experience working with, and knowledge of, charitable organizations will be an assets to the KRT Board. 

    I have been married to Ewan for 20 years and have 2 sons and a daughter.


    I grew up in a Christian home, but did not commit my life to the Lord until the summer of 1981. I had been taught from my early childhood that Jesus is the only way to have a relationship with God. I put off making that decision to accept Jesus as my personal Saviour and commit my life to him until a sermon was preached on Matthew 10: 32 , 33. Upon hearing Jesus` declaration of my need for Him to be the mediator between God and I, my understanding was opened, and I immediately came to my senses. I accepted Jesus’ offer of forgiveness and asked Him to be Lord of my life. Two weeks later, I was baptized. My walk with the Lord over the last 35 years has been a joyous one, and He has extended to me many blessings , of which the greatest is my wife Gloria.

    I would like to see growth in the size of the congregation. I would like to see more people commit themselves to being a ``Card carrying member of KRT``. It`s nice that the attendance on Sundays is greater than the Church`s official membership, but people have a tendency to invest more of themselves in something that they belong to or have an investment in.

    My family and friends tell me that I have a calming demeanor. For any group of people to work well together, there must be a spirit of cooperation. I teach this principle to my students when they are working as a group, ``No one person has all the answers or is always right``.

    I am a team player and I’m the kind of person that once I commit to something, I will see it through. I like to serve people and the church.

    I have been married to Gloria for 27 years and have 1 daughter, 1 son-in law, and two granddaughters.

  • It was by 1989 when I came to Know Christ back home, at that time my mom started going to a Christian church and I saw in her a wonderful change that was contagious, soon after all the members of the family became Christians.

    I want to see in KRT a church that has as the goal to reach the souls of the unsaved, committed to the commandment of God making disciples on the nations, that looks for growth and maturity of its members so they can serve other in need. I have a vision to see a church with the clear idea that things are done for the Lord not for men.

    I consider myself a person with a high level of responsibility, everything that I do is done with diligence, transparency and honesty, qualities that I care to keep daily as an example to my family and community. I can get out of my comfort zone if that will help someone in need. I know how to listen to others and with my capacity of analysis I try to be of help in difficult situations, and over all I am careful of being a good servant of God who fears The Lord in all I do.

    I am blessed being married to Catalina for 22 years and we have 1 son and 2 daughters.

  • norman haboc

    I was involved in community service in GMA, Cavite, Philippines in year 1992 (at age 18); I had a project where a small Pentecostal Church (TNCC- Jesus Lord of All) let me use their electric generator to run my community sponsored event. Since I wanted to show gratitude for their help, I attended a Good Friday Celebration Service where I first heard the preaching on Salvation. I grew up in a Catholic family/church but I never heard of that kind of exhortation before. There was an altar call at the end of the service and I went forth and accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my Lord & personal Savior. The pastor laid his hands on me and for some reasons, my knees went weak that I fell to the ground. I started attending this church since then, and a year later in May 1993, I was baptized in water. In 1995, my siblings Glenn & Jeanneth also got baptized. In 1996, my mom Elena also got converted. In 1998, my Dad started attending our services. Since, our relatives and neighbors also followed our walk in faith.

    Salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ is a complete package – I met a fine young lady in this church, whom I courted for 4 years; she eventually became my first girlfriend and we got married after another 4 years of steady relationship. I moved to Canada in August 2000 as a bachelor. I went back to the Philippines in December 2001 to fulfill my promises to my girlfriend, her family, and God.

    KRT, just like any other church is not perfect; just like myself, I am still a work-in-progress. We can reach Brampton one soul or one family at a time – it has to start from me and my family. People who do not have a Bible or are not reading their Bibles, are reading my life, my decisions, speech, and so on. People may get inspired of our examples, they may avoid us too. Big results normally start from small humble beginnings. And to implement something from within is always the more effective way of influencing others --- Reaching In in order to Reach Out.

    To have known that I was one of those nominated was very humbling considering that there are plenty more who are far better and experienced… I am not sure yet what I may contribute… In the beginning, I surely will be a Trainee and an observant. Maybe on some technical aspects related to Maintenance, Property Management, Review of Contracts/Lease, Resource/Budget Allocations, Project Management, Operational Planning & Review, and Cost Reduction, maybe I could be of help.

    I am blessed being married to Maria for 14 years and we have 3 daughters.

  • elisabeth tan

    I accepted Christ as my Saviour at the age of three in 1985. My personal relationship with Jesus really started when I was 18, thanks to the ministry of KRT’s Alpha Omega youth group. I had always been a Christian, but the youth at AO showed how I could go deeper in my relationship with the Lord, and provided an encouraging atmosphere to do so. For me, it was like moving from a life lived according to the Law to a life lived by the power of the Spirit. It was a transformational change in my life, and I haven’t looked back since.

    My vision for KRT is twofold, as it includes the church ministries as well as those under BCS, and how the two work together. My vision for KRT is that it would strongly support and market BCS to its own congregation, as well as those of other churches. My parents greatly sacrificed in order to have my siblings and I (4 kids!) all attend BCS, because they understood the value and importance of an excellent education in a Christian environment. How much more so today is it not important to ensure that our children are being educated in a way that confirms, rather than contradicts, our beliefs? 

    For the church ministries of KRT, my vision is to see a church that has a reputation for good ethics, high levels of transparency, and of genuine love and care for its community. I see a church that becomes a centre for hope, help and healing. I see a church that cares less about its appearance and more about the state of its heart. I see a church willing to sacrifice for those in need. I see a church that loves people, motivated by its knowledge of God’s love. I see a church that is not content to confine its Christianity to Sunday mornings, but dares to do great things for the Kingdom of God because of the great things that He has done for us. I see a church that understands that to whom much is given, much is required, and I see a church that is willing to be obedient to whatever God asks of them.

    According to the spiritual gifts survey that Pastor Robert gave the congregation to complete, my top spiritual gifting is wisdom, closely followed by exhortation, shepherding and knowledge. I have experience in service and leadership, business and ministry. I have strong empathy and the ability to see situations from many different angles. My strengths include motivating and advising. I have served in various ministries at KRT and was a student at BCS for 14 years. Above all that, I care very much for KRT and its congregation – that, I believe, is the greatest attribute that would contribute to the board.

    I have been married to Ben for 2 years.